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Social Enterprise

Printer Supplies and NJ House Cleaning Services Based on Social Enterprise Give Your Business a Competitive Edge – With Real Social Impact

Replacement cartridges purchased from CarePlus Workforce Solutions (CPWS) are not simply a business investment, but an investment in the community. Our well known CarePlus Laser Imaging (CPLI) group leverages the power of Social Enterprise to deliver outstanding printer supplies to you – while putting hundreds of disadvantaged and disabled citizens to work. And, our new NJ Janitorial Services and E-Z Wash Laundry Services groups bring a whole new meaning the term “squeaky clean.”

We are a non-profit organization that offers world-class OEM(brand name) and replacement cartridges, professional janitorial, and laundry services with a dedicated workforce made up of over 75% disabled and economically disadvantaged individuals. This is a rare achievement, and one we work hard to maintain through continuous benchmarking and improvements.

CPWS helps people help themselves and this is very the foundation of our Care Plus Workforce Solutions program. Every day businesses and individuals across the country discover the unique benefits of working with a mission-driven organization like ours. Learn more about how you can benefit by contacting us at 888-362-8700.

Making a difference and changing lives one toner cartridge at a time

Our employees provide outstanding laser imaging services with a dedication that is rare to find today. Our employees have overcome many obstacles in their lives and as a result are passionately devoted to the jobs and customers that provided them the opportunity to change their lives. They measure their personal success by your satisfaction level.

In a crowded market, NJ janitorial services and laundry services that shine

In an industry full of a lot of average companies, our laundry and NJ janitorial services divisions stand out by delivering above-average results. The difference lies in our people. CPWS employees are deeply devoted to providing superior results, and they do so with an unwavering smile. It’s what sets our commercial laundry service and janitorial services apart from the pack. We deliver on the promise of superior customer service.

Put the power of Social Enterprise to work for your business

Find out what a difference CPWS can make. Click here to Contact CPWS or call us at 888-362-8700.