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Why Choose CPWS


From Cartridge Recycling to Social Enterprise

We Make a Difference in the Lives of People and the Community

CPWS combines premier printer supplies, commercial laundry service in NJ and NJ janitorial services with serious social impact. Our employees – mostly disadvantaged and disabled Americans – are meticulously trained and thoroughly dedicated. They care more and try harder.

We have fostered an old-fashioned work ethic where customers come first and problems are solved, not buried in excuses. Our employees have worked hard to overcome obstacles in their lives and as a result, take tremendous pride in their work. Whether it is working with the CPWS printer supplies division, our commercial laundry company in NJ or janitorial services, our employees go out of their way to meet your needs and uphold strict customer service quality standards.

CPWS gets to the heart of Social Enterprise

Our market-leading, compatible laser cartridges and printer supplies save you up to 35%, provide reliable quality—and help disadvantaged and disabled individuals transition into the workforce. Every time you purchase a laser imaging product from CarePlus Laser Imaging (CPLI), you help make someone’s life a little better. This is the very heart of CPLI’s Social Enterprise mission.

The CPWS NJ commercial laundry and NJ janitorial services also combine above-average services and savings with social impact, to give you a competitive edge, while giving back to the community. Our full-service commercial laundry service can make your textiles look new again. And, our janitorial services will bring new luster to your home or office. Get more and save more with the CPWS competitive advantage. Contact us to find out how to put CPWS to work for you or request a quote now.

Find out what a difference CPWS can make. Click here to Contact CPWS or call us at 888-362-8700.